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Why practice Pilates?

Practicing Pilates on a regular basis has a positive effect on your posture, muscle tonus, balance and mobility. The focus during a Pilates sequence lies on how you breathe and on controlling your body. Centering and activating the powerhouse are the key aspects when practicing Pilates. You benefit from the opportunity to focus on yourself and let go of your daily business whilst strengthening the deep muscles of your core, your back and your pelvic floor. Pilates challenges your body and your mind.

Pilates at home

The session takes place at your house or at a place of your choice. I will bring any necessary equipment for the mat work (balls, therabands, rollers)

What I offer

  • Pilates sessions with a friend, 2 people or a very small group
  • One-on-one Pilates sessions based on your individual needs
  • Postnatal Pilates


At the beginning of each session, Anna welcomes me in good spirit. Hence, I can easily let go of any distracting thoughts. Anna builds up every session in a very thoughtful way and is very keen on the execution of each exercise. She guides you through the session in a fun way and is always highly motivated! Your body gets strengthened and whoever is looking for a professionally well-led work-out as well as a beneficial training, cannot go wrong with Anna.

Kristiane Z., 42 years old


Personal achievement is what describes Anna’s Pilates classes best.

She instructs me with great attention to detail and her positive nature and great sense of humor are contagious as well as truly motivating. You sweat, you laugh and afterwards you simply feel great – both physically and mentally.

Nicole W., 47 years old